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The Zerocat Label
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Call for Crowdfunding!

Dear Folks! Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom Certificate. Help us now (as of November 2017) to start a crowdfunding campaign with CrowdSupply and let’s get the Chipflasher onto the FSF Website!

Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines

Since we have developed a true free-design chipflasher, we are flashing coreboot to compatible machines for testing purposes. As a proof of concept, these machines are available for purchase online and we offer our flashing services as well. Further down we provide a list of devices that we have gained some experience with. If no related sales page is available in our shop, please feel free to request one.

Our notes on how we configure and tweak the coreboot BIOS images are publically available, so that you may review or reproduce our approach and get convinced about its integrity. But note not only the flashing procedure but the reassemblage of the device sometimes turns out to be tricky...

Typical Example

Take this ZC-X200 with handmade sleeve as a typical example device:

Typical ZC-X200 Sample Device

Typical ZC-X200 Sample Device

Devices that we have Experience with

Web Resources