Cat that kicks an exclamation mark.
The Zerocat Label
True Free-Design Hardware. Transparent. No Tricks.


2021/06/28: Project Chipflasher “flashrom-interface” has been updated: 1) Interface configuration has been put under user control. 2) Firmware “kick2” comes with improved block read operations (byte, page, block, chip) for the “connect” utility. 3) Next steps are tracked in project’s TODO file. — K. Mertens
2021/06/26: Sad to say, Zerocat ceases cooperation with Café Schätzchen due to a fundamental disagreement in respect to usage of convenient but compromised hardware, such like now-a-days phones and tablets. Better safe than sorry! The Zerocat Store Corner is now looking for a new location. — K. Mertens
2021/06/14: New Achievement! Installation of an encrypted Parabola GNU/Linux-libre System is now supported per Zerocat’s alternate install script. See “Coreboot-Machines” dropdown menu. — K. Mertens
2020/12/23: Free designs become even more important these times, as we see that societies rely on solidarité rather than on commercial market in cases of emergency. The right way to go is to request free designs not only for software, hardware and seeds, but for immunology vaccine as well. — K. Mertens