Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.3 (board-edition-1)
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Manageability Engine.
Todo List
Member check_dryrun (void)
Shall we ignore bit 7 of all chips for the test?
Member chip_ini (unsigned char new_index)
What happens on division by zero?
Add member comments.
File kick.c

Implement a better initial handshake with connect.

Update schematic according to AN 'interfacing higher voltages'.

Member MOT_rxline (struct tag_xcog0 *px, unsigned int *lines, int hexmode)
What about the line buffer size? Should it be set to maximum initially or shall we allocate it on the fly?
Page Neighbourhood

Format cites more clearly.

Update information about Teensy.

Add the HiFive1.

Page Power Profiles

Let’s try Peter Stuge’s method as well.

Monitor the overall current or Polyfuse heat or even better add a dedicated current limiting circuit for the SPI Bus.

Page Supported Devices

For some chips, the block protection mechanism is not fully supported.

Flashing works fine, however booting has not been tested yet.

We had successfully flashed one X200s some time ago, but don't remember the chip type. We believe that all types would work, but this has to be checked.

Are we able to fully access the Macronix’ status register?