Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.3 (board-edition-1)
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Manageability Engine.
Software Tools

We assume that you are running a GNU/Linux-libre Operating System like Trisquel, for example.

This is a short list of software tools which are required...

  • for the documentation build chain,
  • the software build chain,
  • for operating the chipflasher,
  • as well as for working with source files.

Tool Overview

Tools in general

  • Git, our version control system of choice.
  • Doxygen, essential for generating the HTML Documentation.
  • GNU Make
  • GNU sed, stream editor

Tools for generating the Chipflasher Documentation

  • The gEDA/gaf subset of tools from the gEDA-project, a full GPL'd suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools.

    This software is used for electronic circuit development.

  • PCB, used for printed circuit board layout development.

Tools for building the Chipflasher Software

Additional Tools

  • your favorite text editor, i.e. gedit, Geany or GNU Emacs
  • The SRecord Program Collection, a ROM image manipulation software, used to pre- and postprocess chipflasher in- and output files.
  • GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program
  • Inkscape, professional vector graphics editor
  • LibreCAD, Open Source 2D-CAD
  • OpenSCAD, The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller. (Will probably used in future.)