Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.3 (board-edition-1)
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Manageability Engine.
X200 Lan MAC address

Lenovo BIOS

memory locations (hex)

  • b900-b905 (first)
  • 04604f-046054
  • 04634f-046354
  • 04664f-046654
  • 04a34f-04a354
  • ...
  • 5f7000-5f7005 (last and most reliable)


memory locations (hex)

  • 1000-1005
  • 2000-2005

How to read out

In order to read out the Lan MAC address, select Hex-Dump as format using “[t] toggle format”, then use “[m] read random” from the chipflasher’s terminal menu and type in:

  1. first address, i.e. 5f7000
  2. last address, i.e. 5f7005
  3. allow screen feedback with Y

The Lan MAC Address is put on screen and will be written to disk.