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Zerocat’s Turning Hook

Imagine, you have a beautiful but heavy object that you would like to present to the public in an attractive way. The usual thing is, to use a turntable with low speed, so that customers are invited to see each detail. But what if you don't want it to be put on the ground, for its interesting details are located below? Then you need a hook!

Unfortunately, turning hooks or hanging turntables for payloads above 500kg are hard to find. That's why we set up this project.

So far, just Sketches...

To give you the idea, here a first sketch, made with OpenSCAD. Please note that this is work in progress. If interested in updates, check this site from time to time.

Work in Progress, Preview 1

Work in Progress, Preview 1

Work in Progress, Preview 2

Work in Progress, Preview 2

Work in Progress, Preview 3

Work in Progress, Preview 3


This turning hook will hopefully feature...

Material and Tools

We will rely on commonly used and easy to find parts like i.e. industrial construction steel, ball bearings, shank hooks, metric screws, drive belts and so on. Sometimes, we are probably going to use a part of a special manufacturer, i.e. for the slipring. Not yet clear is, which motor to use and how to control it, but for sure, the Propeller Controller will find its way into the project.

We will use common power tools like a drilling machine with stand and an angular grinder. A lathe will be necessary as well, what makes it probably difficult for the hobbiest to reproduce this hook.

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Why to Support in Advance?

This project is setup as free-design hardware, which offers you essential benefits:

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First Step

We need more experience about motors, torque and speedcontrol. So, the first step is to setup a motor drive system with closed-loop control. From there, we may estimate makeability and the right dimensions for a stronger machine.