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Toolchain Scripts

Zerocat “Coreboot-Machines v0.9.0” is out! Check CHANGES to see what is new. Basically, the toolchain scripts come with improved screen output and the setup of required external projects is supported in a more flexible way.

With this version, the ThinkPad T420 is now supported.

The toolchain still relies on Coreboot 4.8.1 in conjunction with GRUB 2.02 as the primary payload.

Coreboot versions 4.9 and 4.9-900 have been tested, but they fail to control integrated bluetooth adapters in conjunction with the NVRAM Option Table and the NVRAMCUI payload.

Payload “Coreinfo” doesn't run on T60 machines, same as GRUB’s halt command. Please use with options --grub-nocoreinfo and --grub-nopoweroff to take this into account.

The X230, T430 and T430s have no working sound card upon boot, thus GRUB Console is muted. Therefore, Zerocat’s Morse Code Dialogues do not make sense and script should be invoked with option --grub-nomorse. (However, audio is back once you log in into your GNU/Linux-libre Operating System.)

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