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Dear Folks! Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom (RYF) Certificate. Related issues are fixed, sources are tagged and a sample device has been shipped... Read the full story. Let’s get the Chipflasher onto the FSF Website!

Zerocat’s PS/2 Keyboard

The PS/2 Communication Protocol has been widely used for Keyboards and Mice until it got replaced by the more versatile USB standard. Unfortunateley, USB turned out to be open for security issues, for the controller’s firmware has a lot of power to access the host’s onboard system at hardware level. Therefore, PS/2 is still considered as an important fallback, and many obsolete computers that are getting interesting again due to the fact that they are supported by coreboot, still support PS/2.

PS/2 is a serial protocol in the range of 10..16 KHz which forms a nice target for the Propeller microcontroller, that Free-Design Controller which Zerocat would love to use for new projects.

The result -- and that’s the main idea of this project -- would be a manipulated old keyboard which is controlled by a true free-design controller board, down to chip level. This would address several issues:

As a trustworthy keyboard is an important basic device, this project should be considered a useful contribution heading for free-design computer technology.

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