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Qubes R4.0 Installation Guide

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Note this guide is based on weird experiences that have been gathered during installation of the Qubes R4.0 Operating System on Zerocat ZC-X230 Machines, which are laptops running with free coreboot firmware.

The Basics

A typical ZC-X230 runs with...

What about cpu_microcode_blob.bin?? It seems as if the listed issues further down were based on a missing microcode update file. To be checked!!

The Qubes R4.0 Installer running a fedora system, which seems to NOT run reliable on every set of hardware. The system often hangs or freezes, thus forcing you to reboot and to try again. In case you manage to get through the installation process successfully like one of ten times, you are lucky!

# uname -r

Zerocat’s Workaround

On a ZC-X230, you will hopefully see installation success like one of ten times by trying the following tweaks and settings:


Using the Installer

Error Messages

When the installer freezes, the dmesg monitoring loop sometimes provides information, such as...

However, if you see error messages related to thinkpad_acpi only, things should work fine...

Error Messages during Successful Installation

Compatible RAM

Installation of Qubes has been executed successfully (that is, one of ten trials work out fine) with one of the following RAM Modules located in SLOT-0 only:


Number of successfully tested ZC-X230 Machines: 2

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