Zerocat Label  v0.1.5
General Documentation for the Zerocat Label.
Product Information ZC-X200

Dear Customer,

thank you for having purchased a ZC-X200 Free Software Laptop!

This Machine is a very special device, for it runs with free BIOS software right from power-up!

However, no system is perfect, so isn't this one. Please get familiar with your computer carefully. Please avoid modifications of your system settings without having accumulated some basic background knowledge in advance.

Note due to the original hardware setup, this machine still has the Intel Manageability Engine on board. However, its firmware update has been deleted, which should significantly improve your privacy.

Scope of Delivery

Variations to be expected. Please lookup the exact scope of delivery from the related sales page of your specific machine.

Software Setup

Basically, these machines come with the following software setup:

If you need to see how your ROM image has been created, these are your options:

Boot Options

When your system boots, a first GRUB menu will pop up for two seconds. Hit any key in order to access the menu, otherwise the start of your operating system via "[g] Search GRUB2 Configuration File (Internal Disk)" will be selected automatically.


ROM Updates

As your machine is already running a free BIOS firmware, updates can be easily applied via the flashrom utility. An external programmer is not required unless you brick your machine by accident.

cd ~/Desktop/flashrom
sudo ./flashrom -p internal -w path/to/your/new/image.rom

In case flashrom cannot detect the onboard chip automatically, please try again with option -c "MX25L6405D".

Please be aware that you are updating your ROM image on your own responsibility!

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The ZC-X200 Free Software Laptop is sold according to Zerocat’s General Business Conditions. Its Free Software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

You proceed at your own risk.

Please note that not all features of your hardware might be supported by the installed software.

Your Feedback

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