Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines  v0.8.1
How to create Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines like the ZC-X200 and others...

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Version Scheme

Tags are using the first three numbers only.

Changes between v0.8.0 and v0.8.1

Changes between v0.7.2 and v0.8.0

Changes between v0.7.1 and v0.7.2

Changes between v0.7.0 and v0.7.1

Hmm, three more commits help to get rid of most obvious bugs:

Changes between v0.6.0 and v0.7.0

Basically, no new feature is introduced, except one which still is experimental and therefor not promoted loudly: The usage of coreboot’s utility bincfg. However, the number of scripts is reduced and more command line options are available. The code has been cleaned up and should provide much better readability. The documentation now holds some examples for the T430.

Changes between v0.5.1 and v0.6.0

In short, three features are introduced:

See applied changes in more detail:

Changes between v0.5.0 and v0.5.1

Changes between v0.4.0 and v0.5.0

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