Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines  v0.9.2
How to create Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines like the ZC-X200 and others...
Zerocat’s Coreboot Machines Documentation

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Learn how to build Zerocat’s Coreboot ROM for a small but interesting set of laptops:
ThinkPad X60, X60t, X200, X200t, X220, X230, T60, T60 with ATI_Mobility_Radeon_X1300, T400, T420, T520, T430, T430s and more.

See Toolchain, List of Files and Related Pages to get started.

The README might give you some valuable information, although it needs to get reviewed and updated.
Same with GRUB How-To.

File CHANGES tracks most recent development.

The Build How-Tos are quite useful, but they do not yet take into account how to increase the BIOS region if the IME region has been cleaned with ME_Cleaner. However, the toolchain scripts already know how to do it, if applicable! Check out How To Modify The Intel Flash Descriptor1.

Once you have liberated your laptop, protect it! See Sleeves to see how to make a sleeve for it.

These sources are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Proceed with care, good luck!
Please report bugs.

1 Special thanks to Pawel Radomychelski who pointed me to a guide for the X220.

Main Page | Related Pages | List of Files