Zerocat Chipflasher  v0.4.10-182-333b622f
Flash free firmware to BIOS chips, kick the Management Engine.
Software Tools

This is a short list of software tools which are required...

  • to build the documentation,
  • to operate the device,
  • for some optional tasks.

If GNU Guix is available or if you are on GNU Guix System, type

$ guix environment --pure -m host/util/manifest.scm

to create a shell environment with all prerequisites set up.

Note this project is developed on GNU Guix System, thus the most recent state of art might fail on Trisquel due to elevated tool versions:

  • GNU Make -> GNU Make 4.3
  • Inkscape 0.92.4 (5da689c313, 2019-01-14) -> Inkscape 1.1 (c68e22c387, 2021-05-23)

If you hit problems on Trisquel, you might consider to install the GNU Guix Package Manager on top of it.


  • GNU/Linux-libre Operating System like Trisquel or GNU Guix System, with access to an RS232 serial port
  • Command-line Interpreter (Shell)

    • Dash, POSIX-compliant /bin/sh implementation that aims to be as small as possible
    • GNU Bash, command-line interpreter of the GNU system; it allows most sh scripts to be run without modification

    The project’s Makefiles set their SHELL Variable to /bin/sh. On Trisquel, /bin/sh points to /bin/dash (Debian Almquist Shell) by default, whereas it points to GNU Bash on GNU Guix System. The echo built-in of those shells differ, therefore the Makefiles make use of GNU Coreutilsecho binary.

  • GNU Coreutils, basic command-line tools that are expected in a POSIX system, excluding shell
  • GNU Diffutils, comparing and merging files
  • Glibc, the GNU C Library
  • GCC-Toolchain, the GNU Compiler Collection and its tool chain for C/C++ development
  • GNU Make, remake files automatically
  • GNU Sed, non-interactive stream text editor
  • Git, free distributed version control system

Generate the Documentation

  • Doxygen, tool for generating documentation
  • The gEDA/gaf subset of tools from the gEDA-project, a full GPL'd suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools
  • PCB, interactive tool for editing printed circuit board layouts
  • Gerbv, viewer for files in Gerber format (RS-274X) and Excellon drill files
  • Inkscape, vector graphics editor, version “1.1 (c68e22c387, 2021-05-23)”
  • ImageMagick, create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images

Extra Tools for Device Operation

Optional Tools

  • Your favorite text viewer or editor, i.e.:
    • GNU Less, paginator for terminals
    • GNU Nano, small and simple text editor for use in a terminal
    • GNU Emacs, extensible and highly customizable text editor
    • Geany, small and fast Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Your favorite web browser, i.e.:
    • w3m, text-based web browser as well as pager
    • Midori, lightweight graphical web browser
    • GNU Icecat, GNU version of the Firefox browser
  • Your favorite PDF viewer, i.e.:
    • Atril, document viewer for the Mate Desktop
    • Evince, GNOME’s document viewer
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) application, i.e.:
    • LibreCAD, Computer-aided design (CAD) application
  • Free Firmware Projects