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Power Station

This is an ad-hoc project description, started in 2019/12/01 – The next weeks will be used to illustrate the initial idea with pictures, sketches, and collected examples.

Initial Idea

Power is a critical pre-condition for our digital equipment. Power consumption is related to subjects like global heating, pollution and waste of resources. It is as well related to monitoring, profiling and tracking of our computer’s activities. Power profiles let attackers reconstruct software algorithms. Power distributors might guess which television program you are watching. Digitally controlled power measurement is already set up in the fuse boxes of households and will be used one day.

Once the battery is weak, we are still asking for a wall plug. In contrast to the demands of modern communication equipment, the infra-structure that is hidden behind that plug is by factors oversized. Power plants’ generators produce strong three phase alternative currents, landline transmission wires are pushed into the kV range to reduce losses, and households’ wall plugs still deliver alternative currents of 230 Volts. But all what is finally used for our laptops is just 20V of direct current – a power source that can be generated by one’s own, disconnected from the power red, if some properly set up, well equilibrated, muscle driven equipment would be available...


The outcome will be independency from overscaled power reds on the one hand, and secure disconnection from incognito power monitoring on the other.

Pool Of Examples

Let’s collect examples to get ideas:

Preliminary Set Of Milestones

Tools and Materials

Estimated to give a first idea, see this list of materials and tools: