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Call for Crowdfunding!

Dear Folks! Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom (RYF) Certificate. Related issues are fixed, sources are tagged and a sample device has been shipped... Read the full story. Let’s get the Chipflasher onto the FSF Website!

Call for Crowdfunding

Dear Folks!

Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom (RYF) Certificate with a fully elaborated sample package, consisting of a metal container which provides ESD protection, an engineering sample, an 80mm source CD, a Pomona SOIC16 clip, standard DIY accessories and a related product information paper.

Update as of 2018, 3rd of February

The month of january has been dedicated to discuss RYF related issues with FSF in detail. We fixed the issues, tagged the sources and shipped a fully elaborated sample package to the FSF...

In parallel, the certification process requires all websites related to the product to be reviewed as well. We had to clarify the license situation of JavaScript files for Zerocat’s website, same as for the Fairmondo platform which we use to set up the flasher’s sales page.

Fairmondo is a free software project on its own, but not everything in regards to proper free license accounting is free of bugs, unfortunately. Running Fairmondo with all JavaScript files disabled is what we suggest as a workaround – and that is what we are asking the FSF to accept ;-)

Once the certificate is granted, we will set up the CrowdSupply campaign in order to achieve a first series production based on pre-orders. That is what we intended much earlier, but we have to admit that things took more time than expected. Please stay with us and keep supporting us, so that we gain the standing that is obviously required.

Update as of January 2018

Our most recent update has been pushed and tagged with 'v0.4.2' – which turns out to be a very interesting version number (“42” = Answer to the Ultimate Question of Live??). We freeze development now and keep on asking FSF for certification. Once this product is certified, I will hurry up to set up the crowdfunding campaign for production together with CrowdSupply, Statement-of-Work already signed.

Fixes as of December 2017

I fixed as many issues as possible within short and tagged the new version with tag “v0.4.1” in the chipflasher’s git repository. I notified both, CrowdSupply and FSF, and the RYF Certification is now pending...

In parallel, I dare to set up the crowdfunding campaign together with CrowdSupply, and as soon as my material reaches a mature state, I am looking forward to discuss the public launch with all parties involved.

Things are difficult to foresee, as all partners involved have to agree. With your help, I hopefully gain the long-term standing to see a resounding success for the Free-Design Chipflasher Do-it-Yourself Hardware Tool, finally.

Meanwhile, please help to promote this call for crowdfunding! Let’s get the Chipflasher onto the FSF Website!

Ad-hoc Support as of November 2017

My Call for Ad-hoc Support in the Scale of €2000,- until 1st of December 2017 was very well supported --- thank you! As a reference, see this list of contributions:

What about you? Your help will be very much appreciated, no matter which scale, no matter which date. Please get in touch to see how you might help in-between!